Gas Heatilator Fireplace Explosion!

my gas fireplace exploded and caused damage to my home. it was a unit that had a one piece glass that did not open. when i contacted the manufacturer they said they could not help me because there was not a screen behind the glass? our unit did not have a screen behind the glass, yet they insist that it was manufactured that way. please help, do not know what to do?

Why are we discussing a screen that protects the glass when the issue is “a gas explosion”!

If you can prove manufactured defect then get a lawyer.

That’s what attorneys and insurance companies are for. As David mentions, any loack of a screen would appear to be a secondary issue at most. The primary issue is why did an exposion occur? If the damage is serious enough to warrant a potential lawsuit, photograph and save everything. You could be dealing with manufacturing and/or installation deficiencies (of course it may have a different root cause altogether) You may need to be able to prove fault by a preponderance of evidence if you go to court over it.

Sorry to hear of the incident. I’m sure that it was disconcerting to say the least. I hope that no one was injured. I would love to see photos and hear more about the root cause and outcome as you learn more.

I’m very sorry to hear about your home being damaged, can you elaborate a little more about what exactly happened from the moment you switched on the fireplace. Can you also describe the level of damage that occurred? Had someone ever serviced the unit and cleaned the glass in the past?