Gas Insert fireplace Recommendation

Hi guys,

I’m looking to purchase a gas insert (for my home) to take place of my wood burning fireplace. I’m getting all sorts of recommendations on many gas inserts that are on the market today. I’m confused.

Does anyone have any preferences or experience as to which gas insert is the best?

I’m leaning towards the Napoleon right now.


I do not know enough about gas fireplace heaters. The one you posted looks good.

I have a 40,000 BTU wood burning cozy grate heater. I really like it. The down side is that you need to keep feeding wood. The upside is that 40,000 BTU helps heat my house. I would rather pay for the electricity vs. gas.

My wife does not like it as if the wood is not dry you do get a wood odor. I like it.

Let me know what you end up purchasing and how you like it.

I wish I could help you out with the gas.

Napolean is a respectable brand name. It should either come with a fan or be upgradeable and the fan should be quiet so you will use it.
The chimney will need a metal liner and a good cap.
I don’t know about outside combustion air, good idea in some areas.

John Kogel

A good Canadian company with a history!!

Thank you, gentlemen.

Why do you want to send 90% of the heat up the chimney? Get a vent free model and use the energy to heat your home. Al Gore will be proud of you.

If they are allowed in your state. They are banned in Minnesota.

I wouldn’t take the chances of a ventless anyways.