Gas leak detector

I need to get one and I guess right now might not be a bad time to do it.

There is a local auction near me soon and there is going to be a
Sensit HXG-1 gas leak detector and includes a TA1 temperature adapter.

I dont know anything about these so any advice or opinion is appreciated.

What is a TA1 temp adapter? =)

Anyways what do you guys think its worth? It also comes in a case. It works and looks slightly used.

Also how do you guys use these in each inspection. Like where at and how?


Not worth it IMO. If you can smell gas it is a problem, if not it is not a problem. :smiley:

I’m not big on purchasing testing/measuring devices ‘used’, let alone from an auction. You have no idea what you’re getting, and how much longer it will last without repair, calibration, etc…

Go here for quality equipment, and excellent customer service… (if anything, it’s a great site to research what is out there)…

I agree Jeff and I am not going to buy it however I am just starting out and all the costs of training, classes, books, videos, tools, more tools, insurance, testing, licensing, homepage, software, ect. is adding up =(. I already probably have more than I need to do a good home inspection and I want to just make sure that every inspection I do is done right and I am known in the area for that.


I use my nose most of the time but when I find a leak, I like to pull out my old tiff 8800 I’ve had for 11 years and let it scream away. Whoever is close, always moves back a few steps when it goes off and seems to get the point across a lot more.

Not sure about your decision, but I will tell you about my expirence. I have a leakator jr and use it all the time. I still use my nose but alwqys check with my detector. I have run ins with the gas company guys that tell me that my equipment is junk and then eat their words when they do the bubble test. At which time I ask how sensitive they set their equipment and when it was last calibrated. OH BY THE WAY I have the # to the gas company on speed dial. Detectors are not real expensive. My feeling is that any equipment that is used for saftey is a good investment. And any argument I have with those gas people is worth it at least I sleepat night.

(…for combustible gas. I use this one forcarbon monoxide.

You can get a good one here. Should detect gas no problem.:stuck_out_tongue:

The Sensit lists for around $260. I have one and like it. Uses 3 C cell batteries. So if your concern whether it works take some batteries and a butane lighter and test before buying it and make them an offer.

Hum! I always figured you as an inspector who just strikes a match.*

Only when testing for certain offensive gases! :stuck_out_tongue: