Gas line Cut-off question...pic

The valve’s were in the off position. Upstairs in the Attic is where the

heater was installed. Is this a gas cut-off? This would be a two story

townhouse in Southern calif.

If it is a gas cut-off, should I turn it on to check if the heater works? And

then turn it off again? Or should I say Standards of Practice do not let

me turned on valves in the off position…

Note…I tested for gas at the laundry gas valve…No gas.

I would not. If it is an open pipe somewhere, you could blow up the house.

If off leave it off, Ask why if anyone Knows, Note it. report it.
If your 100 percent where it goes just say it was in the off position. If your not sure then state unknown termination and advise a qualified contractor to investigate. Just my thought.

Thanks…I think I will leave it and just note. Based upon your feedback
I think its off for a reason.

Thanks Wayne…Im not a 100 percent sure. Im going to refer to a contractor.
like you mentioned.