Gas Line

At my inspection today I found a different type of gas line that I have never seen and I cannot find any information on it. Looked like CSST but was plastic, the end was taped with electrical tape and I pulled it off to see it better.

The material is black plastic or at least that is what it felt like

Anyone have information on this.

Black coated stainless steel gas connector by BrassCraft ??

Looks like someone used black electrical tape to seal a leak!

I would want to know the manufacturer and listing for the connector. Can it be installed outdoors?


Isn’t removing the tape considered invasive?

Sorta like cutting the paint around a panel cover?

Instructions for CSST installation indicate that with an exterior installation any exposed stainless steel is to be wrapped with a silicone tape to prevent corrosion over time. Removing the tape is not a good idea.