gas line

furnace connected flexible gas line being run across the attic to the stove?

In any walk areas, the line should be shielded such as romex cables when they are ran on the floor, even in an attic. Somebody will be here soon to give a code reference number. But basically you are not allowed to walk on flex gas line.

It’s a matter of opinion.

One manufacturer’s instructions:

Gastite®/FlashShield™ CSST installed in locations subject to physical damage shall be adequately protected. The tubing shall
be protected at points of support and when passing through structural members such as studs, joists and plates. Where all three
of the following conditions exist mechanical strike protection must be used. 1. Concealed – View is obstructed by walls, and structural members.
2. Constrained – Tubing is not free to move to avoid puncture threats.
3. Within 3 inches of a potential threat – Tubing is routed in locations which are within 3 inches of drills,
screws, or nails.

I attended a presentation by one of the manf. reps. one time and we talked about the piping on the floor. He said a 200 lb man could jump up and down on it all day long and not damage it.

Also need to be clear that it is CSST and not jacketed appliance connector.

If that attic space is for mechanical equip primarily, and not storage and not normally subject to traffic, I’d be OK with it.

Primarily mechanical equip and no traffic as the walkway is from the side I took the pic. Thanks.

Is that rust sludge in the secondary pan or is that dry?

yes. condensate and rust in pan. that was noted in the report.

What i learned is a 200 lb man could jump up and down on it all day long and not damage it.