Gas Log Insert?

Is there a way to tell if this is a vent-free insert. I noticed damper was not modified. Unit is using propane.

Is it an insert? It looks like a masonry fireplace with a gas log conversation kit.

Looks like a poor installation to me .I would disclaim it .

Please have the gas fire place immediately checked by a professional gas installer

To Roy’s point, I always say chimney’s and fireplaces need level 2 inspections.

To your point, the damper is correct (assuming this is a conversation kit), but it needs to be open when using the gas log just like a wood fire.

:):):):slight_smile: The combustion needs make up air. The combustion can be toxic , add back daft. I can go on…
Call it out IMO.

Never liked the term “vent-free”. That’s a claim that 99% of the toxic fumes are burned up. There’s no safe way to burn gas, propane, or wood without venting, IMO.

That’s a set of logs, not an insert. Propane gets hotter than wood and natural gas, so I’d have a pro chimney inspector look at it to make sure the fireplace can withstand the heat.

my two pennies…

If they are lit the flame on a vent free log set does not usually make contact with the logs. Vented gas logs have flames that dance in the logs. Not a fan of vent fee logs at all.

Thanks, I did call it out, crown was a mess, someone caulked it with silicone

It is a masonry fire place for solid fuel fires.
I call this “Walls of Illusions”.
The appearance has been made to deceive
If you remove what is under the iron log lifts, I suspect you will see a hearth and ash-pit that need rebuilding. The walls of the fire box look like they need repair ASAP.
They where to cheep to install an insert and stainless liner and anyone using the fire place is at risk!!!
Recommend a WETT or capable Inspector to write a report on condition but that is a separate inspection and I start mine at $350.

We as home inspectors are required to report on the type of fire place, visible components if they are deficient. Clearances, is the damper operational. crown, veneer and rain cap.

Yes that is a masonry fire place.

I was under the impression that if it’s an insert using a combustible gas that the damper either needs to be removed or secured permanently in the open position so gasses can escape if there was a gas leak.

That is not a vent free insert gas fireplace. It is a vent free log installation.

I believe the the black box is an Oxygen Depleting Sensor that is required with these installations.

A gas insert looks like this;

Inside of a wood fireplace;

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Error on picture download.

Gas insert looks like this;

Once the trim is installed, it will work just fine. :slight_smile:

Nice work Marcel. great visual presentation.
That is how it is done.
Your the king mate:-)

Well thanks, but that visual presentation just cost me $3500.
Donations accepted. LOL:mrgreen:;):slight_smile:

You just taught the InterNACHI inspectors another great gift Marcel, those inserts are not cheep. If inspectors are evaluating an insert, they now Know the cost to replace a unit.
Well done again Marcel.
As expressed, your the king mate:-)

Marcel, enjoy!