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This Little John pressure regulator next to the street just doesn’t sit right with me. They are connected to a 100 psi high pressure gas line at the street. My concern is a driver or snow plow hitting one. I inspected one of the houses with one of these on the street. The local gas supplier and code officer says they are OK.

You can make any recommendation that you find prudent to your client but don’t expect the seller to fix something that the gas company and code official condone.

[FONT=Wingdings-Regular]������ [/FONT][FONT=Swiss721BT-Light][size=2]where it is least likely to be subject to damage
(riser protection is required if the set can be
damaged by vehicle traffic or other activities);

This is the wording from PSNC, our local Natural Gas Supplier

Ricky ~

I totally agree with both the other inspectors.