Gas meter a little bit small

This was a rare house for the area where it was located. The larger homes are usually near the water or have a view of some sort. In this instance, the home was 6,950 sq ft. It had a natural gas 14Kw standby generator, 2 gas furnaces in the home, 3 gas fireplaces, a gas furnace in the detached shop, a gas fire pit and 3 on demand gas water heaters.

As soon as I saw the first tankless unit during my initial walk around, I immediately checked the gas meter size. It was an AL425 that in this area, is good for 540k BTU’s. I continued the walk around and after finding all the gas appliances did a quick calculation. The gas usage potential for this home was a little over 1.3 Million BTU’s. Just a little bit over the capacity of the meter and gas lines. In fact the meter was short of just the two furnaces, primary water heater and stand by generator.

The home is set back from the street approximately 200 feet. The next size available meter is an 800 but that requires 1 1/2 pipe instead of the 1 1/4 inch installed. The cost of the meter alone is an additional $1500. And pressure gas is not available in this particular area. No idea what the cost to dig and replace the gas line would be, especially through 75 feet of the concrete driveway with pebble / epoxy finish. Of course as soon as the gas lines enter the home, it changes to CSST and of course, no bond.

Out of the 3 jetted tubs, the master had no access panel and was not tested. The other two tubs both had multiple jets that were not functioning.

The sprinkler system did not have the required backflow device.

Some plumber is going to be a rich man after this house is done. :shock:


If “pressure gas” is not available at that location, 200’ of 1 1/2" is not going to give you the 1.3 million BTU’S either.

No idea what they are going to do. Maybe the sellers are going to say I am full of it since when they bought the house 18 months ago, they had a clear inspection report… :shock: