Gas meter in bedroom?

Glad I live in the southern part of Illinois, meters are at exterior here, where thy should be.

exactly, M!

New home usually are.
In some of the rough areas it might be better to leave them as is.
Still why would it really matter.

My house is 120 years old and it’s outside. I guess if the correct style of meter and fittings it might not be a big deal.

The POCO here reads electric and gas meters with the “eye in the sky”, satellite, so they have to be outside. Even before satellite they’ve always been outside.

Yeah I see electric panels outside in other areas which to me is even stranger.
Who wants to go out to trip a breaker?
Makes no sense.



I don’t think so.

Not hardly any natural gas meters left indoors around here now because they have been relocating them outside for several years now (which I suspect is probably more for the gas company’s convenience.)

Anyway when they were all inside, the PRV vents were piped outside so any ruptured diaphragm that allowed gas to leak through it’s vent did not cause gas indoors.

Oh, thinking about it more, If the meter or at least the PRV is outside, then no high pressure gas is entering the building.