Gas meter

look at this:)



That’s a Redneck Gas Explosion Detector, or GED for short. when the bucket lands on the roof, then you know something went horribly wrong. So the next time a Redneck tells you he’s got his GED, you know what that means.

Maybe thats where they dry the portapottie!:shock:

maybe the portapottie waste is the cause of all that green mildew on the siding

Earl, how many report pages was this one?

If the bucket is door #1 and where ever the gas line is going is door #2 and inside the house is door #3, I think I will take the closest exit. ha. ha.

What is that PVC pipe going up the wall that seems to be hooked up to rusting galvanized pipe or something? Let me guess, it is the vent for the interior gang staninless steel pissing trough. Right. I hope not. ha. ha.