Gas pipe starter for fireplace

My gas pipe log starter quit working, due to wear/heat. Having trouble finding a LP gas pipe starter bar. Home Depot has them for natural gas, but not LP.

I only use the gas starter for about 10 mins until I produce sufficent embers.

Thinking of buying a 12 inch black pipe and boring 1/8 inch holes in the pipe. Anyone have any input or suggestions? I know they have a different orifice but…?

Sounds like Harry Homeowners Association has found a new member…:wink:


Thanks for the chuckle :mrgreen:

Without getting into much detail of the difference of NG and LP gas, I’m looking for a homemade fix. Would buy the NG starter bar but the orifices are too small. I suppose I could bore them out larger. But looking for a cheaper solution. Could always buy the LP starter pipe as well.

Looking for an ex-chimney sweep or HVAC guy or someone who’s successfully made a solution.

That would work or you can pay $18.00 of so for a predrilled, threaded 1/2" stainless one from the fireplace company. :smiley:

I, myself, would consider changing out the shut off valve too if it is very old.