Gas Prices geesh

Took a pic whilst out today… was only $52 something for 12-13 gals of gas.

That’s cheaper than up here, $128.9/liter today.
4 liters to a gallon roughly 5 bucks gallon. Wow.

Wow and I’m crying about $3.50 a gallon

That is why I just bought a vehicle that gets 50 miles to the gallon.

$118 to fill my truck yesterday. That’ll last for about a week +/-. 14 mpg is about the best I can do, but it’s better than the boat. ;-):D:D:D

Time to start drilling…

What did you buy? Sounds like a smart purchase

Making me regret buying the truck getting 14.5 MPG. I need to fill up today too and I know I will have to max out the pump (around 75 bucks), turn it off and start the fill up again. :frowning:

I agree but it sounds small. How do you fit your equipment in it, ladders and everything?

Look at it this way. Gas is about 50 bucks more per tank full. Raise your prices 5 bucks per inspection and in 10 inspections it’s covered. If you’re only doing 5 per week, $10 per will do it.

That’s whats going to happen at the grocery store, and everywhere else that gets mdse. trucked in, which is just about everywhere. :wink:

Just remember that there is no inflation. Fuel and food prices aren’t counted in the inflation calculation.:roll:

I bought a 2011 Prius. I figure that it will pay for its self given the amount of miles I drive (25000 plus a year). With the rear seats folded down I can fit my little giant and all of my tools in the back. It has a 12 gallon gas tank that gets 600 miles.

Yes it is small but well designed. Plenty of room in the rear.





What did you buy?

Good example of minimum space needed except I carry a window washers pole , brief case and a blanket to hide the stuff when in a higher crime area.

Fuel has always been, and will continue to be my largest business expense. Yesterday’s fill up was just short of $90 at $3.88 per gallon.

I average $1,000 per month on fuel and at the current rates, it will likely be closer to $1500. Good thing I can write it off taxes :smiley:

Hang on $5.00 will be here soon…

Just got this email from my sister:

On the Yellowhead Highway #16 in northern British Columbia

This is at the Kispiox Valley Road Turnoff

I went into the gas station today and
asked for five dollars worth of gas…
The clerk** farted** and gave me a receipt.

Thats funny chet…tuff times are a comin are you ready:shock:

That very cute:):smiley: