Gas valves

Are rotary type valves, like hose bibs, approved for natural gas?

Generally speaking in home usage, “globe (gate) valves”, such as hose bibs, are for water.

Gas cocks are a 45 degree turn from “on” to “off”. They’re called “ball valves”.

Thanks, Jae. I almost never see the gate valves. This was in an older-50+ home. I know photos would help, (don’t even need to say it Tony) but I’m challenged that way.

409.3.3 Identification of shutoff valves

Each house line shutoff valve shall be plainly marked with an identification tag attached by the installer so that the piping systems supplied by such valves are readily identified.

412.7.1 Valves

A manual shutoff valve and an excess flowcontrol check valve shall be located in the liquid line between the pump and the dispenser inlet where the dispensing device is installed at a remote location and is not part of a complete storage and dispensing unit mounted on a common base.

An excess flow-control check valve or an emergency shutoff valve shall be installedin or on the dispenser at the point at which the dispenser hose is connected to the luquid piping. A differential backpressure valve shall be considered equivalent protection. A listed shutoff valve shall be located at the discharge end of the transfer hose.

Common Household Water valves ****


Gas valve

Yep, globe valve. Is that an unsafe type of valve for gas?

Most valve if from a reputable MFG will have the letters WOG casted into the valve body. That stands for WATER OIL GAS and is its rating.

No globe valves can be ok for gas if designed for gas.

A general rule of thumb is if any valve has a self rising stem not allowed for gas; globe type or gate type