gas water heater at quick lube garage

I have a gas water heater in a utility room adjacent to a garage space of a quick lube commercial building. The water heater is elevated, but there is not a door between the utility room and the garage. Are there any requirements for a sealed door to separate the spaces? Combustion air is provided to the utility room by a vent through the ceiling to the exterior. Also, the oil tanks are located in the basement(the pit) except for a barrel that has been installed in the utility room. I’m not sure if that is the best location for the additional barrel. Any comments are appreciated.

As you have a Commercial Property, the local Codes/requirements can vary greatly from city to city. Begin by telling us your location so an inspector familiar with your area (and commercial properties) can reply (if available- most here are Home Inspectors). Contacting your local AHJ is your best source for a determination on your situation.

Thanks for the help. Its in Harrisburg, IL.