Gas water heater need to be in heater hut?

Yup that’s a picture. I wonder if there’s a question?

Sorry, about that! This water heater was made by American Water Heater Co. I was just wondering if it needed to be in a heater hut. The only water heaters I have seen on the exterior not in a heater hut are tankless. Rhanks!

To answer your question better you may want to update your profile location. Is the water heater located in Arizona or Alaska? What is the model?

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South Carolina

I’m in NMB. The water lines should at least be insulated. Sediment trap at the gas valve. It looks like a water heater that is intended to be installed outside.

Why not look up the model number and the installation manual to get your answer?


The model number was worn off!

Chad I’m not familiar with the water heater but it looks like it’s made for exterior installation.

Okay, thank you for your time. That’s what I thought

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I love pointing out the gas line trap. You beat me to it.

It’s under the house!

The sediment trap needs to be downstream of the shutoff valve.
Here is the reference. The model is unknown so don’t know if it is incorporated.

South Carolina code (408.4) Sediment trap.
Where a sediment trap is not incorporated as part of the appliance, a sediment trap shall be installed
downstream of the appliance shutoff valve as close to the inlet of the appliance as practical. The sediment trap
shall be either a tee fitting having a capped nipple of any length installed vertically in the bottom-most opening
of the tee or other device approved as an effective sediment trap. Illuminating appliances, ranges, clothes dryers
and outdoor grills need not be so equipped.

Hi Chad.
The MN & SN is at the bottom.
Clearance comes to mind…

Also damage protection and seismic strapping