Gates and guards

I hate them. Nobody want to tell you ahead of time you need a code or called the guard and let them know you are coming. I particularly hate the communities that ask for ID and copy or record it in some fashion.

This morning was the worst, I show up, and wait with my crew for five minuets to see the happy guard. He said we are not on the list, and not going in until we are put on the list or drive to the next community, fill-out some paper work and get a pass. Then we can come back and go through. I am tired of jumping through hoops when I have permission to enter the property and have been background checked numerous times. I feel sorry for the poor sap that lets my ID information fall into the wrong hands.

How do you all handle the gate gestapos? I am thinking a yelp siren or bully bar.


It doesn’t get any better than when the house is on lock box and they keep calling the disconected number in their system.

I tell them I am here to play the golf course…they let me right in…even when there is no golf course present! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Better yet, you open the center console to get your ID and the old Glock catches there attention…

I hate them too. Up there with traffic and lippy clients

Evertime that happens to me I think yep I never googled this place just punched it in and drive. What is bad too is when there is a gate but no guard. You just wait hoping somebody will show up and open it.

Have not had a problem yet, try to make it all about them . and thank them for doing their job

I wouldnt let you in either. :slight_smile:

Many times if you pay attention and there is no double gate system you can drop in behind residents.

I do it all the time :smiley:

You have to be paying attention and see ahead so you do not look obvious.

I have only been chased down once.

It is really bad in some areas. Time is money and those fools cost us money daily.

As far as ID goes I keep my Nachi id in my visor and show that.

Occasionally the morons do not accept that then I tell them they are a real pain unless they are actually polite, which is rare.

They are just another example of someone with no real power thinking they have some.

I once had a lady tell me I had to show her respect. I explained to her just how wrong she was and to quit talking and open the gate as my client was waiting.

aa ha ha ha hahaaaaaaaaaaa :smiley:

Not gonna happen. They are useless pains in the asses.

The Glock is never in the console :wink:

It is usually closer:twisted:

That may be prudent, but to ask me to go to another neighborhood to fill-out paper work is just moronic.