Gathering Statistics to help in the Licensing debate

OntarioACHI, the Ontario Chapter of InterNACHI has arranged to have a survey of Home Inspectors so we can collated an publish information with respect to education, costs, operating practices and insurance issues.

You can get to it here

You need to put in your name and email address and prove you can count, and then a token that will let you complete the survey will be sent to your email address.

The survey is anonymised and we are using it to support our negotiations with the Government, Insurance Companies and others on your behalf.

It’s a pain, but please answer honestly, it only takes about 10-15 minutes.

It’s the only way we are going to be able to help you.

Licensing solves nothing. It dumbs-down our profession by RE associations pushing for basic minimum standards so HI’s can write soft, minimum inspection reports, so homes will sell, so RE’s can make money.

Anyway, how can you know a defect is a defect unless your state, or country, adapts national building regulations?

Everyone that has a driver’s licensing is a good driver, right?

License HI’s then you better license roofers, HVAC repairmen, electricians, plumbers, drywall installers, insulation installers, everyone who does home repairs for the RE transaction.

We all know that but I do feel Lenoard and his group are doing the right thing in gathering information to be ready if and when the government tries to do something .
A big thanks to them and I do hope all Ontario Homies do what they can to help too .
A big thanks to Ont ACHI

But the lawmakers don’t. They only think with their pockets.

4 years ago … Realtors in Kansas told legislators that there were MASSIVE problems with HI’s / that consumers were getting screwed right and left / AND unless we were prohibited by law from using language that would limit our liability … the poor consumers had NO RECOURSE if a problem occurred EXCEPT to get a refund of their fee’s.

We collected info (by documented letters) from the State AG’s office; BBB; Consumer GRoups like HADD; public Media; etc; etc. They showed that FLORISTS had more complaints than we did BUT the state of Kansas legislators FOLLOWED the lead of the USED HOUSE COMMISSIONED SALESPEOPLE and let an unneeded licensing law get passed.

Be realistic … Follow the $$$$$ trail. Did inspectors make MASSIVE campaign contributions OR did Realtors. HUMMMMMMMMM

Thanks Dan .

What I have said a few times is for our Ontario Homies is to get involved with your local MPP go to meeting let your member know who you are how you support him/her .
My member of parliament knows me well and I do hope others get involved
[FONT=Verdana]doing nothing will get you nothing .[/FONT]
I might not win him over but at least I have been involved .
I also am the same with our Town
All Councillors’ are on a first name with me too.
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A smile and a “nice to meet you” hand shake from any politician means to hold on, buckle up, because I am going to put the shaft to you.

“My job in congress is to work just as hard as I can to do nothing but keep the muck running down the sewer”----Kevin Spacy in his new Net-Flix show.

In 2012 the Kansas RE lobbyists “contributed” the largest amouts to the campaign funds of lawmakers, spending millions; more than any enity or corporation in Kansas.