Gaurdian Financial Merchant Services

Does Anyone know Aaron Fuhriman with Gaurdian, I have been trying to reach him for a month about my merchant account. I am about to discontinue this service because they cannot get back to me. It seems when he was ready to close the sale he was easy to contact. Now. full Ignore, Very poor Service indeed. :frowning:

Hi James,
Very sorry to hear about this. I put a call into Aaron as soon as I saw this post. I have never heard of him not getting back to someone. Just in case, his number is 800-608-7363 ext 605. He may off today for the holiday
If you ever are having a problem with one of the vendors we recommend please let us know and we will try and help.

Again I just left Aaron a message to call you, understanding he might not be working today for the holiday today.

Let me know if I can help in any way with any issue connected with ISN. My direct office number is 800-700-8112 ext 201, Dan Huber
Thanks James

I have left multiple voicemails to his number, High priority emails, in which come back as “read”, Now this, just been trying to get some sort of receipt from them, or invoice, all they do is take money from my account. I went to Authorize .net and they said he has put a block on that system from me seeing it. I hate poor communication. I may drop it anyways.


As I said, I left a message for him about 15 minutes ago and will follow up on this for you.
Sorry for your frustration. We have not seen this before with Aaron and I will talk to him personally
Thanks for the info!



Thanks for your time on the phone and glad you got taken care of!

Have a great week!


Thanks Dan for being so helpful, After posting it on this board, Aaron called within 4 hrs on a Holiday, At least a Holiday for some. ISN came through on this one. that is a great thing about message boards. Aaron did solve my small issue within about 60 seconds. Not sure about the being able to contact him issue? But I know I got ISN.:mrgreen:


So glad you are taken care of. Thank you for the kind words. We are always happy to help with the greatest support team in the industry!