Gave away the van

I built a mobile kitchen display van in 2010 thinking I could bring the showroom to the people. Great idea but it was difficult to keep the showroom comfortable in the winter.

The only one in North America. I was ahead of my time on this one.

It was a complete loss. Everyone loved it and I got to be a keynote speaker at multiple shows but Minnesota is not the state for mobile displays.

I built this in my driveway in North Oaks and the mayor (John Schaff) visited me and ordered it removed or else. I finished the build out and moved it at 5 am because road restrictions were in effect.
It had 80 different cabinet door examples on racks.
6 types of lighting including state of the art low voltage (6 years ago.)
Cork flooring
3 types of stone backsplash
3 colors of Cambria and it had a built in Meile expresso machine.

The designers thought I was a genius. Guess they were wrong as it never made me a dime.

Put an ad on Craigslist giving it away and had 30 texts, calls and emails in 30 minutes. Ended up giving it to a nice young man who showed up with his dad and towed it home.

Very nice Paul!
Looks like Mills Pride cabs.

Woodland cabinets. Semi custom. Top of the line.