Gazebo Roof

I was working with a contractor to build an attached gazebo and this is how they left the top of the gazebo. In the first image the middle of the roof was sunken in. To fix it they put two copper sheets over it and secured it with copper nails. The joints and the nails are not sealed nor flat. Photo one was before I complained and photo two was the “fix”.

Based on what you see do you think this will be a problem? How would you recommend fixing it? The contractor thinks it is fine and doesn’t think it will be a problem. He’s done close to 100 roofs and never had a leak. Should I press further or be satisfied?

Thanks in advance!!!
IMG one

IMG two

Asphalt shingle manufacturers have methods for finishing hips at the peak correctly. Here’s one from CertainTeed. It’s not exactly the same situation but this looks professional and yours doesn’t. Contact tech support for your shingle manufacturer and ask what’s proper.

Thank you!

Craig, may I please have your permission to use that photo in an interNACHI course?

You have my permission.

Thank you!