GC says not to worry

I got a call for moisture intrusion yesterday client had mold growing on the dry wall in numerous areas did not even need my camera. This new construction has so many problems it is unreal I would have fired my GC already if I was paying over 1/2 million for this home.

The GC keeps telling the owner not to worry things like this happen all of the time. Well not in my world. The exterior wall cladding was not even complete and the interior dry wall has been in place for 4 to 5 weeks water intrusion every where and the tape and bed contractor still spreading mud.

The plumber could not read a blue print or was unable to read a tape measure I don’t know which as the kitchen sink drain was stubbed out in the living room floor by 3 feet and the commode for the master bedroom bathroom was stubbed out in the floor of the master bedroom by two feet and the list goes on and on.

Love the drywall tape job, don’t you? Check the window installation.

I would just walk away from the place (and get my money back). This clown will never get it right.

I was just having a conversation with a client today about why it is still important to get a termite inspection done on new construction. I was telling her that contractors can install termites if they are using infested wood. Looks like this contractor is installing a mold problem. Everytime that taper spreads a drop of spackle…he’s embedding mold into everywhere his blade touches. If he goes back to his joint compound bucket and uses the same tools, he is going to contaminate the entire bucket.

It amazes me how some people make it through the day without getting killed with all the stupid stuff they do.

Futhermore, national standard require that the builder removes all wood from the site, before backfill, and afterwards.

Cellulose, underground, is just a termite magnet.

But do they? Talk amongst yourselves :wink:

The tyvek being over the bottom nailfins on the windows and behind the flashings on the roof are real problems.

Let alone tyvek is not suppose to come in contact with cement it fails as a moisture barrier! It needs another layer over it to even stand a chance.

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