GE HVAC Age Code

Russell & David. I appeciate both of your posts and replies. Nice to see the spiritedness and passion for continued excellence exhibited in this thread.

I’m good to go on this one. The GE equipment I find out there is usually 20+ years old anyway.

Happy Inspecting!

Ha! It’s just that Boston Sam Adams versus my southern margaritas. May the higher proof win!

Russel. my point is that if you simply “list” the info, who’s to say were you got the info. i understand the copyright issue (now, thanx) and agree that if you were to copy verbatim from someone elses’ work, and try to call it your own then yeah, big trouble. but if you got the same info from the same public forum as the people who wrote the book, then how could you violate the copyright? i know there is some $1 mil. lawyer out there who could prove i violated the bible by plagiarizing my first name, which was printed there first, and sue my mom for it, but short of that, i don’t see how posting a list of names and numbers would be a huge deal. I’m not trying to start a fight with ya Russ, but i do enjoy your intellect, and i think we kinda think the same…i think?

Me under oath in a court of law after being sued for copyright infringement. I tend to tell the truth. . . . most of the time . . . . The other times I can blame it on the margarita pies. :smiley:

That notwithstanding, I’ve searched and searched for information in the public forums that is contained in the Technical Reference Guide. It either is not out there or is beyond difficult to find. That in and of itself, coupled with me coming up with exactly the same data, makes it very easy to accuse one of copyright infringement.

Considering some of the links to information that I’ve saved over the years, and then four years later finding that the link doesn’t work and the information cannot be located again, it would not be unusual that the information at one time was out there and Carson Dunlop found it and compiled it. That is the basis for why I think About Homes will work: the world’s greatest Internet library about residential real estate (I’ve always wanted to be a librarian). My domestic partner, Jim, has a bachelor’s and a master’s in piano performance. He’s constantly looking for sheet music published in the late 1800s or early 1900s because the publisher put in a special biography about the composer, or interesting codas, etc. Same thing with About Homes. Need some information on your grandma’s historic Wedgewood range from 1952? We have it at About Homes (well, we don’t yet, but that’s my goal).

I’m still compiling the info.

Please don’t contact C & D to rat me out.


Can I get someone to decode this AC condensor for me please.
Need it for my report, thanks for any assistance and also is their a website or does InterNACHI sale a book to decode Model Numbers for Ceneral Split systems, etc?
Brand: General Electric
Type: Air Conditioner
Country: USA
Model: BGTA742B1B
Serial: 210301340