GE Protimeter MMS2 $500 obo

more equipment i have for sale please make offer if price is too high

a GE Protimeter MMS2 with a bunch or cords and attachments asking $500 obo

Leica Disto D8 Laser Distance Meter $500 obo

General DCS1600ART Articulating Datalogging Video Borescope System asking $800 obo

Fyrite Tech Combustion Gas Analyzer asking $400 obo

GE Telaire Handheld Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor with Data Logger (7001D) $500 obo

still have your sun nuclear 1027 for sale

Tiana call me for the sale of these items

Russ hensel

This person Tiani Wright sold me all four of her Sun Nuclear Continuous Radon Monitors she would not bother to return my emails or confirm an shipping tracking number. Lucky for me I did pay pal and a Credit card I call the credit Card and they stop payment and pay pal escalated the claim.:twisted::twisted:


Re: equipment for sale

                                                                                  "FYI  She has been over on The Inspectors Journal trying to sell tools as  well.  The admin of that site did some looking and found her IP address  is Inspect Tools!  She sent an invoice to a friend of mine and it had  Inspect Tools on it.  [some equipment for sale make offer - The Inspector's Journal Forums](

I would proceed with extreme caution…"

She either is or has been doing an excellent imitation of a scammer.