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Roy’s Home Inspection got a call to do an inspection in Marathon ( north side of Lake superior .
675 Miles from here ( 1080) klicks
She is insisting it must be us as she know’s our reputation and refuses to use any one else .
Be interesting to see how this comes about Thats three days away from home.
I have traveled far before but not like this . It is about 275 miles east of thunder bay and 200 miles north west of the Sault Ste Marie ,so driving is necessary.
Should be very interesting Glad they have no snow yet


How much would you charge for that one? Mileage alone must be a weeks worth of inspections…

You wil love the ride Roy, hope there is no snow for Montreal river hill, you will understand when you get there. Wave to goose in Wawa and Winnie the Pooh in White River.

I have been called to Ohio 2 times and PA 3 times from Florida…I was thinking that may be a business moldel for Super High end homes…Come in with a team and KNOCK it out, anywhere in the country just have no idea how to market it …I used a PA inspector ONCE…OMG what a TOOL…Will NEVER do that again!

It must have something to do with your pricing*:shock:***…

Below copied from:

  • PrePurchase/Sale Inspections - Complete Inspections - As low as $ 200.
  • Tarion Inspections - Complete Inspections - As low as $ 150.
  • Remodelling Home Inspection - Price $ 100.00.

Happy inspecting and safe return!

Marcel, you are beginning to look like a stalker. :shock:

Soon Roy will not be able to post the time of day without you showing up to make some silly remark. Get a grip. :roll:

Roy trained him by example!

Roy, I travel to Marathon, White River, Dubreville about once a month or so and I don’t worry about the snow but I do worry about the moose. I did hit a moose a few months ago, lucky it was a calf and only did 4grand damage to my truck. Marathon is a one day return trip for me and I charge a base one thousand bucks. The houses in that area generally sell for about twenty thousand and lots of the inspections are paid by the relocation company for OPP or MNR. Watch your speed around Wawa as the cops are watching. Enjoy the trip and be safe !!


My posts are facts!

Why don’t you tell him to get a grip:roll:?

Some more facts for Marcel,

It is a shame we have a few malicious closed minded Home Inspectors who are Stalkers and Hypocrites .
** I speak mainly of Bill Mullen,Brian MacNeish, and Marcel Grafton unfortunately they are very vindictive.**
They are hypocrites who continually attack Home Inspectors who are out to help our industry but are not NCA approved Inspectors .
They continually attack NACHI and ACHI Members who are trying to help other home Inspectors and our industry.
Well no way does our industry need this selfish attitude in our industry.
They completely ignore those NCA Home Inspectors who give away services and deprive us and people in other industries from business.
I have never seen one say any thing about NCA home Inspectors who give away free Wood Burning Certificates .
I have never seen them ever say any thing about the Poor 20 minute Inspections done by NCA inspectors.
I have never seen them say any thing about the Malicious attacks that been done by this group to Home Inspectors who are not NCA Inspectors.
This is unfortunate we have such closed minded Home Inspectors who want to take over the Canadian Home Inspection industry .
They continue and try to entice others to join PHPIO and the NCA .
The continual attack of NACHI is not needed.

Very interesting Thanks for the info ,
Sorry about the accident, Did you get to Keep the Moose.

Get back on your meds!!! Nothing else needs to be said about your “facts”.

“Paranoia strikes deep
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Guess we listen to much different styles of music!

Kinda prefer Buffalo Sprinfield myself Brian.