Geek Question

I purchased a 4Gb SD chip for my camera to take more pictures. Can any one tell me why the chip will work in the camera and my printer but the computer will not read it. I can down load the photos with a tether but i cant put the chip in a chip reader.

Does another sd card read properly in the PC’s reader?


Yes i have 512 and 1 GB chips and they work fine in both.

I have the same difficulty with my Computer so I just carry extra 500 chips .
They are so cheap now also some cames work a lot slower with a large chip.
Flir says do not use a larger chip then 128 for their IR camera.
I have not been able to find another 128 .
This I guess is big enough for the IR as it holds about 1,000 IR pictures.


silly question but do you relet on it to pop up or do yoiu go to c files.
If not you may find it sitting there waiting to be opened.

Thanks Roy
I had to get another camera to day so i picked up a Nikon D80. It takes pictures quick so i figured the large disk would be great for 30 bucks.

No i go to the drive and select it. It will look at the drive for about 10 min. then come up with an IO error

Glad I could help
I did not know your level as some just wait for the wizard to pop up.

Ill probably have to break down and read the manual. :frowning: I would rather look at the pictures. :smiley:

Click: Start > Programs > Accessories > Scanner and Camera Wizard. See if that program recognizes the card. If so, just have the program transfer them to your computer (check the box to delete them from the card after the transfer).

Try formatting the card using a camera first, then see if you can move it to your laptop…

Bring it tomorrow and I’ll take a look at it. Are you running windows xp? Older systems can’t recognize drives over 4 gigs.