General Contractors Announces Home Inspection

Now this could get interesting … Roy
16 March 2011

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New Star General Contractors Announces Home Inspection Division

by PR or News Wire

16 March 2011— Renowned for its large commercial and upscale residential construction projects, New Star General Contractors is increasing its offerings with a Home Inspection Division, catering to the needs of homeowners, homebuyers, sellers and realtors. The company’s Home Inspection Division provides a comprehensive analysis of the condition of a home, condo or any other type of real estate and addresses specific needs or issues that may need to be repaired.

“A home inspection is an essential part of a real estate purchase,” said Dave Love, president and CEO of New Star General Contractors. “Our new Home Inspection Division is supported by a team of experts who know real estate and understand what to look for in order to maintain a home.”

Home inspections address numerous structural and safety issues of roofs, basements, heating systems, water heaters, air-conditioning systems, plumbing, electrical and building structures. New Star’s team of experienced home inspectors provides a professional and honest examination of these amenities to help homeowners and homebuyers make informed decisions about real estate investments.

“Our team helps homebuyers understand what to expect when they’re purchasing a home and provide them with the information they need to make important, and sometimes expensive, decisions,” said Love. “Safety issues and unattended repairs can accumulate over the lifespan of a home, which can result in damage or major repairs. Our Home Inspection Division provides a full assessment of a home’s structural and safety conditions, minimizing the surprise when an issue does arise.” (3.17.1

And I wonder who will be doing the work on repairs and upgrades?

I think we all know the answer to that one, huh Roy?:):wink:


If they come across the state line every one of their employees doing any inspections on this side of the state line will need to meet all licensing requirements and get a license and then they’ll find themselves running smack into our state’s SOP which prohibits their company from doing any work on any home that they’ve inspected for at least a year after the inspection. I’m sure the local contractors will welcome those referrals though.



Contractors are only in business to make money on the repairs they find, needed or not. Home buyers, as well as used home commissioned sales persons and office brokers should stay away from these companies and people who classify themselves as “contractors”.

Your generalizations show your ignorance. General contractors have been inspecting homes long before there were guys calling themselves home inspectors. Among the crooked home inspectors a common. Practice is to use as many words as possible to describe a house and what it is composed of then charge a ridiculously high price. Most InterNACHI inspectors steer clear of this practice and only point out defects. There are few professions that equal the experience of a general contractor and many are extremely good home inspectors.

Yes GC have been inspecting homes and many of them do repairs.
I as a home Inspector get paid my fee and I look for nothing else.
To Many GC do shoddy repairs and scram .
Change names and do it over agin .
Mike Homes has made his mark in the world doing repairs to many of these GC jobs.
I do not feel GC should try and fill two shoes , be one or the other ,it is too big a temtation to try and serve two industries and not fair to the public.

Here we go.:roll: These GC/ inspector threads are as tired as the HG / HIP threads.:roll:

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]Thanks for your thoughts James ,but looking at your last few posts many of them seem to be complaining about others postings .

I tend to just look and move on
if it the information is not needed .

Irony. You post a post complaining about him complaining about posts.


Yes it is irony you missed the WORD tend .

I still stand behind my statement most of his previous posts are complaining .

Now lets move on agreeing to disagree .

I didn’t miss it roy. I just don’t seem to remember when you became the board supervisor of appropriate posts. YOU may think you “tend” to move on but that is only your perspective. Your own checkered past regarding posting makes you hardly one to criticize others.

Doug Please except my apologies .
I am so sorry I offended you so often I will do my best in the future to try and not upset you .
I feel bad to have done this . again I am very very sorry … Roy

A BIG Thanks for bringing this to my attention .

Have a happy St Pats day

Roy, and you post a dead link about my “complaining”…nice job.:roll:

BTW, I wasn’t complaining about you Roy. I was complaining, if you will, about the likes of Mr. Meeker chiming in on how GC’s are great inspectors and have superior knowledge. Maybe you should have moved on…to use your own words.

This link was started by me posting a news artical .