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Fist off, my apologies if I posted this question in wrong forum, it is my first visit. I joined InterNACH last week, the organization and its members are impressive and earned my respect.
I completed two prerequisites, SOP and Code of Ethics courses and I attempted the 3rd prerequisite, “Online Inspector exam” twice and got 64% both times. My question is where do I learn the missing knowledge to pass the test, given this exam falls under “prerequisites”…

Learn everything that is here;
and learn from the forum members as much as you can.
That would be a step towards that goal of yours.
Good luck.

You can use the forum search function to seek out threads on a specific topic. there are thousands of them. Beware that not every response that you see on the forum is necessarily accurate or correct, but there is a ton of useful information. Learn to ferret out the quality info from the forum posts.

Same happened to me when I started. There’s “+” signs off to the left of the menu bar (on the left) Those will open each module (ie exterior, interior, electrical, etc) Kind of hard to see until you look for them. Just need to expand it…good luck!

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Welcome Reza!

Welcome to the Team Reza.

Appreciated brother.