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Hello Members: I am a student studying for the CPI and as we all know, we are required to submit 4 mock inspections. My Q: Is it wise that we give advice to our friends in their homes? Should they therefore not accompany us through the home just to be sure since I am yet to be Certified? I get that the report is a mock inspection so unavailable to them.
Thanks in advance as always!! :grinning:

If they’re your friends why not? In fact they might ask insightful questions that could also be asked in a real inspection. When it comes time to do a real inspection for a paying client you will want to know the answer to the same questions even if you did not know during the mock inspection. It can only make you a better inspector.


Thanks, DR.!! :man_health_worker:

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Lol!! Took me a minute, but I see it now. MD for Maryland Lic. # but it I think Dr. Bob is a good fit. :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Bob makes a good point. Treat them like a client, but in the mean time, knowing you are in training and you may need to research more on something you are not sure about. In others words, "Don’t rely on this inspection as a true home inspection…but a learning process for me. " Most will still be impressed with some of the knowledge you will have acquired.

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