General laptop question

Has anyone used the Toshiba Portege 3500 Tablet PC Xp Laptop 1.3 GHZ Wifi 30 GB? and if so what are the good and bad, im about to buy this tommarrow for the HI but i dont know if the quality is good enoguh… any help would be great


For 300 bucks, how good could it really be? I guess it all depends on what your expectations are.

I can tell you I am happy with my Toshiba laptap.

Nothing against Toshiba (I tested several when I was shopping for a laptop), but the model he asked about is a “relic” with regards to modern technology, and can be purchased for about $350. It’s difficult to purchase a good software program for that amount, let alone a laptop/notebook.

That particular model has been discontinued as of 2003. It can’t be upgraded past its 256MB RAM and its processor isn’t even comparable to the newer models.

So again, if you expect to use this on a daily basis for inspection purposes, you should consider something else, and expect to spend somewhere around $1500.

Keep in mind…ya get what you pay for.

You’re better off going with quality if you’re going to invest in computer equipment.

i just need something at first and just doing inspections hopefully i wouldnt need a very high processor

My HP cost me 1795.00 three years ago, does everything I want it to and I have yet to have a problem.

Adam, with a max of 256 megs of ram your going to have a hard time using current inspection software. Windows XP needs 256 megs of ram minimum just to run itself. Most software won’t even run with the little ram efficiently. For example, Home Inspector Pro would run, but if you tried to bulk import your photos you’d have a serious problem trying to import more than 10 to 15 photos and even that would be extremely slowly.

I suggest you go check out , they have factory refurbished laptops and tablets at good prices. Remember tablets are better for inspections as it can lay flat like a clipboard or flip around like a normal laptop.

Every Toshiba piece of equipment I have ever bought has sooner or later been completely abandoned by them as far as providing any support what so ever. I will never buy anything with their name on it ever again! Buy a Dell, even if it’s a used one.

Just don’t buy a DELL PDA. They abandoned those.

ok thanks everyone, definitly keep all this in mind

I have used Toshiba for several years but this year (2007) upgraded to two Dell Lap tops and two Dell PDA’s. Excellent equipment. Excellent support. Excellent value / price.

Not to contradict but my satellite has been great the last 2/1/2 years.
Things change however as HP was considered cr-p till about less than two years ago.
Stay away from Acer and Gateway.Compaq is getting a little better since being bought out by HP.
Just my opinion

If you join NACHI you can go to the member area and get a discount on computers and other tools also.

Join NACHI or buy a laptop? What should he do? He’s just starting out in this business. Software, tools, vehicle expenses, marketing materials, E&O insurance, liability insurance, legal consultation, CPA fees, office equipment, cell phone service/ internet service, etc. etc. If you’re getting started and you are trying to get by on scratch you got a long way to go. I put out over $25,000 my first year to get rolling.:shock:

I use a Dell laptop, its 5 years old and never had a problem with it. I use the Palm-Tech inspectors program and the Dual View program with my Infrared camera. No problems to report, oh and if I have a question, Dell support is great.

Adam, Contact me…


Adam, I have a Acer I got at Walmart for $700 & it’s great for a midline laptop, heard all good reviews on it b4 I bought it last year, just b4 they all came down in price. It has all the horsepower & memory I will ever use. It has Intel Processer. Just a thought to help keep costs down…

Acer sucks.
Sorry to be harsh, but I am a professional network installer .
Stay cheap , if you wish and forget the tablet for now.
As a new guy you should not be doing onsite reports.
Trust me on this.
I am sure as with all subjects the will be screaming and mashing of teeth.
Trust me on this.
Laptop is fine.
Final walktrough you can bring it for a look at the PDF, and yes I am going to assume it will be on PDF, as thats the way it is.
Go get a cheap five hundred dollar HP and you will be fine.
Trust me on this.
Buy a router to go with it as this is cheap and will allow you tpo be comfotable while you research.
Trust me on this.
Do not go crazy with marketing yet till you get a feel for where you are going .
Just my opinion.
(oh make sure it has Intel not Amd )Important!
Trust me on this.