General Liability Insurance Help

Greetings everyone,

I am in the State of Florida. I just completed the 120 hour course and passed the exam. I need help trying to understand general liability insurance. How do I get it? How do I prove it to the state?

Talk with your insurance agent. Not much different then getting most other insurance policies. Just be clear on what you want covered. RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL policies are not equal, and you don’t need both unless you are doing both!

Can we do commercial with just a regular home inspector license?

Commercial isn’t regulated in most areas, but if you’re not experienced with Commercial, STAY AWAY and learn the Residential industry first. Commercial will chew you up and spit you out like…!!


Call the # at the bottom of the page.

Someone should be able to answer all your questions.

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Example: I know one national firm that did a bunch of inspections for this one client, right up until the day one of client’s roofers fell through a rotted roof deck and died, due to the fact the firm did such a poor job with the roof at one property. Settlement was in the millions, and that firm had to change leadership and re-brand.

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