General liability release

In return for this release, you have paid me $_____. I understand this will be the sole consideration for this much is this typicaly.

not sure what the release is. is it this???

. LIMITATION ON LIABILITY AND DAMAGES. We assume no liability for the cost of repair or replacement of unreported defects, either current or arising in the future. In all cases, our liability is limited to liquidated damages in an amount not greater than 1.5 times the fee you paid us. You waive any claim for consequential, exemplary, special or incidental damages or for the loss of the use of the home/building. You acknowledge that this liquidated damages is not a penalty, but that we intend it to: (i) reflect the fact that actual damages may be difficult or impractical to ascertain; (ii) allocate risk between us; and (iii) enable us to perform the inspection for the agreed-upon fee. If you wish to eliminate this liquidated damages provision, we are willing to perform the inspection for an increased fee of $______, payable in advance.

if it is. then you would put like $5000.00 or more in there.

as you are taking full responsibility for the damages you could not locate or find.

no one is going to pay it.

Mahalo (thanks) for the info it was a big help.

No offense, but what the heck does this mean??

My attorney advised me to remove that from my inspection agreement. She said it would never stand up in a Montana court.