Generator interlocks - interfere with panel removal?

Can you or staff help with this question?

I came across generator interlocks on an a Seimens electrical panel as shown in photo. They are intended to force main breaker shut off to stop back feed when the generator was on.

The problem was I could not get the panel cover off. I tried turning off the main beaker and sliding the sheet metal but the smaller breakers sheet metal guard still interfered with the cover removal . I removed all visible screws on the sheet metal and the guards still seemed fasten tightly.

Is there a way to safely remove the cover to inspect inside? . I don’t want main or large breakers popping off as I wrestle with the cover.!

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Is that one solid piece? If so, it is installed wrong… The whole piece should be installed over the top of the dead front, not behind it.
Not sure how they even got it on, either.
Plus, it looks like it prevents the breakers at the right for the laundry from being turned on… Definitely not the correct one for that panel

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Looks like you would remove the screw on the part covering the main first.


If you turned off the main and moved the sliding latches in, you’d be able to take the cover off. Otherwise, like Robert said, a screw is holding the lock bracket secured to the main breaker. The other bracket you’d just move its latch in.


That’s correct. I would assume that the panel would not be shut off to remove the cover so removing the screw would probably be the only option. Otherwise as you’ve stated you could shut it off and slide the interlock up. Doesn’t seem like a good design to me.

And wouldnt you agree it is the wrong interlock? Because it should not be blocking the other breakers to the right.

I agree, the entire thing looks wrong. I hope that they don’t need to do some laundry.