Generator Transfer switch

This is a personal question, not an inspection related issue

I have a 10 circuit transfer switch but will only be using 8 of the circuits.

So the extra red and black wires that are unused, (2reds,2blacks) do i just wire nut them off?

If so. one wire on nut or some wires joined and then wire nutted ?

Thank you,

What brand of Transfer Switch?

Fully automatic or manual?

I think the 10 circuit is a manual switch, not Service Rated. The wires provided are to power the circuits that will be energized by the generator (via a pigtail)

If so, then you’d just tape up the unused wires

And clear the ends with wire nuts.

it is a manual transfer switch… i will tape and wire nut them… Thank you for the assistance.

I have a 8 circuit generator]( and its all I need. well, heat, lights, TV, some outlets.

Its emergency power, not a day at the Hilton.

less circuits = smaller gen = less gas = less maintainance = easy transport.

Add another outlet… you can never have too many outlets.

Thanks!I will try it!