"geo-lock" wall anchors and your thoughts

I posted in this section a couple of weeks ago about a foundation that was in failure. Well the owner has gotten a couple of people out and is of course getting contradictory information. One guy (which the company is a very reputable company here in town) told him that they should install the “geo-lock” wall anchors system. Of course the other guy said those don’t work and he wants to excavate the exterior, then bracing the wall from the interior. What I am wondering is what are your guys thoughts on the different ways to fix this problem? The client has now had 2 people tell him the geo-lock wall anchors are crap and wanted to know my opinion. I have told him that I do not know enough about either way to give him good advice but I thought that I would ask the experts here.

When a basement wall is failing due to lateral soil pressure and-or underground tree roots and-or concrete slabs or a porch footing that has settled/leaned against it then, it’s best for the wall and homeowner and the NEXT homeowner (if there is one) to remove/reduce the cause(s), weight, acting upon the wall.
And Geo L wall anchors do NOT remove/reduce ANY weight/pressure acting upon a wall.

UNBIASED opinion, Fairfax County VA, scroll down to… ‘Basement Wall Damage’, read what they tell people
Read… ‘resolution’.
Do they tell people to install Geo Lock or carbon fiber and an interior system?
Hlll no.

Here’s some photos I took of previously installed wall anchors. Some cracks are widening, more cracks occurred since shtt was installed, still leaks, more mold and efflorescence… waste of money when used alone. Once in a while they ( or beams) might be needed IF used/installed in conjunction with exterior waterproofing and proper backfilling
Click any photo to enlarge that photo

How about looking at bowed, failing walls like this…
IF a tree limb landed on a ROOF and, caused damage to the roof which then allowed water to enter… would you LEAVE the tree limb on the roof ( not remove the weight, cause of damage) and not seal/repair the openings, damage… and INSTEAD, have someone install roof anchors or beams inside the attic? loool Maybe they could install a sump pump and drain tiles in the attic too, idiots.

So the supposed reputable company who apparently wants to fart around with wall anchors and likely install an interior basement system is imo, just another incompetent moron and another SUPPOSED reputable company, full of shtt.

If homeowner opts for exterior work, that contractor needs to backfill correctly (all gravel), NOT same excavated soil etc, and waterproof the dang wall, not damproof it. See quite a few backfill with 1/2 or all of the same excavated soil, that is a mistake.

A few more photos… an interior basement system company installed beams and an interior system here… some cracks getting worse, basement continues to leak, more mold etc
http://picasaweb.google.com/101049034584960315932/BasementWaterproofing41 click any photo to enlarge that photo!!!
The beams and the interior basement system did NOT (never does), reduce, relieve any exterior pressure acting against a wall.
Homeowner is out $15,000 and has same, worse, problems.

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I sent my client the link to this tread for him to check it out. Thanks for your response.


A basement wall that was not originally designed and reinforced to use tie-backs will likely fail by redistributing the wall loads causing the wall to crack in other areas. This same principle applies to carbon fiber strips and internally applied steel beams. All three of these advertised basement repair systems were originally designed as part of an engineered wall support/retaining wall design typically used in commercial applications. They were not developed for basements, but that does not stop someone from selling the systems. Neither the person selling them or the homer buying them know the engineering needed to apply them correctly.

Basement Wall Failures, Donan Engineering

Unbiased opinion.

In Part they say, ‘Typically, the failure is not from hydrostatic pressure, but from the soil re-expanding or sloughing into an annular space created by drought-shrunken soils…in simple terms, a basement wall fails when the pressure of the soil exceeds the lateral strength of the wall’

Have posted numerous videos and photos that clearly show the incompetence of interior basement system companies/contractors who lie/sell/install interior systems and wall anchors or carbon fibers straps etc when a wall is failing, leaking etc which does nothing to reduce/remove/relieve ANY lateral soil pressure or possible tree roots, concrete slabs etc.

Example… short video of an interior system that was previously installed which did NOTHING to relieve/reduce any exterior pressure against basement wall and, how much did it COST? Save money? Exterior waterproofing and proper backfilling TOO costly. really?

That 2nd photo link in previous post of an interior basement system that was installed with some beams cost that homeowner $15,000… for inside system crap! lool
Could have and should have spent that money on exterior waterproofing and shttt man, we would have done ALL the way around that house… for LESS $$

Listen to this homeowner, read caption… ‘They advised us it HAD to be done from the inside (same old song and dance, lying bllshttt) … we’ve since learned that this should have and can be done from the outside (too late as they have your $$) …this is what happens when you trust the ‘experts’’
Yes, the self-proclaimed honest-experts, it’s a bunch of bullshttt, always has been

Another example, basement wall is… FAILING, see horizontal crack 1:03 !!! lool
And these morons install an interior basement system and sump pump for $$$$
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hRmpAwvluU Ohio, WBNS TV 10
There are vertical cracks, steps crack and horizontal cracks man!!!@@!@@##@!!

And as usual, inside system companies install an interior water diverting system that does N O T H I N G to remove/relieve ANY exterior pressure off wall and does not stop further water from entering the damn exterior cracks in block walls!!!

Exterior waterproofing too costly? My stinking old azz!