Geo-thermal HVAC, do you inspect or not

I have run into several of these lately as they are common in our rural areas especially in 15 or newer homes.
Do you inspect them, disclaim them to a specialist?

Start learning them and we can call you Geo George.

I don’t disclaim anything were getting paid to know. Did I ever say I climb roofs also:p

Lol, I know a little as I’ve installed several on homes I have built but this past week I have captured a couple videos on them to watch over the weekend.
Guess I could just call old roof top Charlie( otherwise known as “Chilling Charlie B”) when I have any HVAC questions…

If I had to disclaim something that I was expected to know, I would pay for the specialist to inspect it. I would follow him and see what he does.

SOP does not require us to check and actually just turn it on and note if it does not work. But like many of you that is not me nor what I consider serving my client well.
Juan, I just called my HVAC guy and he is going out to finish up an install Saturday and I will be going with him as his helper, thanks for reminding me how I’ve learned most everything…,

I think that you should include a disclaimer stating that due to the fact that a Geo system has the potential to heat or cool the ground that its heat exchanger is lying in to the point that its ability to function properly can not be determined with out operating at least 24 hours or more in normal load conditions. Systems may function properly if they have been off in an empty home but after operating a few days loose the ability to heat & cool enough to satisfy the load on the home. Ive seen ground source units that had water colder that the ambient air temperature in the middle or winter and seen water temperatures close to if not above the outside in summer.

Thats a great idea. Thanks


George, this is a great blog I read a lot. We talked a little about this up in Indy.

Why does everything have to go to such extremes with you guys?

You are there for a Home Inspection, now we have to stay there 3 days to know if it works, so we defer it to someone else?

Can you turn it on at the thermostat?
Can you run Geo’s in heat and cool regardless of the season? Yup.

When do we have to load calculations during a home inspection for air source equipment? But now because it is geo we can’t touch it?

George, to answer your question; pretend you own the house and run it just like they would. Do a visual inspection of the accessible equipment. Then put in the report your findings. The air came out warm/cool during operation. Fans ran. Suction line is cold, discharge line is hot… Whatever.

If your going to disclaim something, just say that this inspection does not cover anything more than a “run test”.

Just because some other professional can “evaluate” a system in the house, does not mean it is part of a home inspection. If the client wants more, they should pay more and you can arrange for more and end up getting paid more.

But if your on the band wagon of trying to do more than the other guy, for “free” (and your not qualified to do the inspection) it comes out of your pocket and you are responsible for whatever you don’t find.