Geo-Thermal Units

(Dan Bowers, CMI, ACI) #1

Don’t see them but about every 2-3 yrs BUT in the past 2 months I’ve seen 3 Geo-Thermal Heat / Cool units. All worked in heat and cool BUT with all the underground lines, etc … Anybody got any good comments on these.

(Charley L. Bottger) #2

Dan I don’t treat them special I just take pic’s with the normal covers removed and simply describe the function of the system be it ground source or water

(Scott Frakes, CMI) #3


Like Charley indicated, simply indicate functionality, in both modes if possible.
Theres lots of them here in Michigan and some of them applied to heat radiant in floor tubing!

I always take a picture of my thermometer next to the stat just for my file.