Geoga HI license goes down

Don’t know all the details but my son called and said that Nachi was up set that it went down.

Something about all associations going together

Anyone have the true facts


The Atlanta NACHI chapter was instrumental in presenting and pushing the bill.

Another reason why I am not a member of the Atlanta chapter.

I’m not a member of the ATL chapter because of the push for legislation either.


My suggestion would be that you who oppose licensing in Georgia start another chapter…so that next year, you can convince those who pushed the bill this year that NOT ALL home inspectors who belong to NACHI favor a licensing bill.

My bet is that you will force the supporters of the bill to disguise themselves as a “coalition” and take NACHI’s name totally out of the picture. At that time, you will be able to represent yourselves as representing NACHI…and oppose the measures they supported last year.