George Bush Rebate Check

Thank you George Bush for my $1200 check and thank you for raising the price of all the consumer goods and fuel taxes and heating oil prices taken from the other hand.

Amen!! :twisted: :twisted:

Don’t forget to thank the United States Congress, they’ve had more to do with all those issues than any single president.:wink:

You probably would have just pissed it away anyway…:twisted:

wow…I tried to take that back as soon as i posted it but just couldn’t do it…sorry…I’m just bad…jim:(

He didn’t send you any money. The Federal government has no money. They printed more paper, so what paper we all have in our wallets is now worth less. The price of gas did not go up. Gas is gas. It is commodity. What happened is that more money was printed, so it all became worth less, so you need more of it to buy a gallon of gas.

My take on the situation is this…

  • WE live in the BEST damned country in the WORLD!
    So all of you should be grateful and Quit complaining!

My $1,200.00 was spent on a new $8,000.00 Garden Tractor {Made in the USA}!

I was Glad to have received it!

I wish people would spend more time on electing the 545 people that make all the rules of the land. THe president gets way to much credit/blame for things. None of them (dem or republican) have had enough power to cause the sky to fall! All I can say is…thanks for the money, My E&O just got $1200 cheaper!

Anyone that does not want their check can send it to some member of the military or a police officer who I am sure can use it and appreciate it. Only country in the world where poor people have two cars, three televisions and are too fat to get up their leather couch to answer one of the many telephones in their homes. Quit your bitchin. I doubt you will hear any such complaints from the ones who are overseas fighting for your rights and protection.