Georges st. Pierre vs. Anderson silva


Who do you think will win? (for MMA fans) Both are very dominate
in mixed martial arts (MMA) and both champions in the UFC.

Interesting training video with Steven Segal helping Silva.

You forgot Who cares as a choice.

I just can’t get into it John.

second that…sorry man:mrgreen:

I have to go with Anderson! I personally think that he just might be the best! However, I do like to watch George in action! It will be a great fight.

er, are they fighting? That will be a great one to watch. I’d have to go with Silva by a big margin.

I would say silva as well.

Anderson “The Spider” Silva

After watching MMA, you can never go back to boxing.
Too boring.

I think GSP can take Silva with ground and pound.
If GSP stands with Silva, I think he could loose.

BTW… Segal is a 7th degree black belt in Akito. In order
to achieve this, you have to allow a half a dozen people
to attack you all at one time and they are allowed to
do anything to you they want. Segal makes it look easy.

Here is a clip of a little nothing guy that beat the world champ Silva
with a flying scissor and heal hook. Very rare move but it worked.

Silva is in trouble with fans and the UFC for mocking the other fighters so much.

Here is the fight video that got Silva in trouble with the UFC

gEORGE sT. will win it, I hope

George St. Pierre. will win of course. Good ol’ Canadian boy.

The Spider

I believe GSP would win, but a very, very hard one to pick. BTW, my brother-in-law is off to Vegas to live & train for an upcoming UFC fight in September.

Keep us posted on his progress. Sounds exciting.
What do you think his chances are?