Georgia licensing: Excerpts from ASHI response to GORRC.

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Its particularly interesting that ASHI mentions decks in its response. I don’t know of a single metro Atlanta county that doesn’t require a permit for building a deck. Why are there never any consequences for unpermitted decks, municipal inspectors who screw the pooch on inspection, etc? Why does liability always fall to the private inspector? I plan on beng there to oppose any regulation, because all they are going to do is give life to marginal inspectors that otherwise would be forced out by market forces.

I received an email yesterday afternoon from the state senator who introduced this bill. Of course, it was the Realtors and Builders who are pushing him to license home inspectors. Why don’t these a-holes try cleaning up their own ranks before sticking their noses in our business. If this is in the public interest, then why aren’t the consumers demanding it? Answer: as usual, realtors and builders don’t want to take responsibility for their lack of ethics and poor building practices. The last I checked, it was the National Association of Realtors that were being pursued by the Justice Department for continuing Antitrust violations.

The petitioning group believes there to be a shortage of inspectors in rural areas, a state license will not help this and possibly degrade this situation.

One of the reasons listed for licensing is complaints recieved by the GA Real Estate Commission of which one is real estate agents upset because a deal has fallen thru because of the results of a home inspection - This probably would not be improved by licensing.

Also the proposed bill would not grandfather in existing home inspectors. This is very unusual in GA. All trades that I am aware of were grandfathered in when licensing was instituted for their particular trade in GA. Electricians even automatically were grandfathered in as master electrians, rather that journeyman. After grandfathering they had to meet continuing education requirements.

While I agree that standards are good - I am generally against government interdiction in anything because of their tendency to muck things up. Buyers should always be aware and if they want to hire Joe Blow because he is a friend or a friend of a friend then so be it. We don’t license the mechanics that replace the brakes on vehicles, we make a decision on who we should trust to do the work.

They referred InterNACHI as NACHI if this was a recent document.

Also at bottom it stated that NAHI, InterNACHI, or ASHI would not be against Licensing. So does that mean we are for Licensing Nick?

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Superior Home Inspections

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The NAR is making a HUGE move on getting HI’s regulated - when this is not being driven by consumers. I wonder if anyone has contacted the Justice Department. This ought to give them more ammo in their RE lawsuit.