Geothermal heating and cooling systems. Please proof this new inspection article.

Ben proof this. I don’t think you need reference a refrigerator as refrigeration is the transfer of heat from one location to another. I am not aware of any system that forces cold air in… Maybe a few ex fridgies can throw in their two cents. Ok this is my version, corrections are appreciated
How do geothermal systems work?
A geothermal heat pump does not use fossil fuel or electrical power to create heat as is typical with furnaces. Instead it uses a refrigeration system operated by electric power to transfer heat from one location to another. The energy required to operate a refrigeration compressor is substantially less than that required to generate heat in a fuel fired or electric furnace.
Heat is transferred by circulating a medium such as a glycol/water mixture through a ground source loop/heat exchanger this is the loop that is in contact with the earth and has a potentially endless source of free energy for heating. The refrigeration system is connected to this loop to form another heat exchange. In heat mode the ground source loop is used to act as a medium to evaporate the refrigerant thereby transferring heat to the refrigerant where the refrigerant transfers it to the home. In cooling mode the refrigerant is cooled by the medium in the ground source loop where he heat is transferred to the ground.