Geothermal heating/cooling

Anyone know what to look for in a geothermal system.

I have an inspection on Thursday. Home has one


Are you prepared to inspect something like this?

N4393 Prescott (51) (Small).jpg

Read this:

and don’t look for an outdoor unit…there isn’t one. If you follow the SOP it should be little difference than checking any other HVAC system. Thank God not all of them look like the one in the photo. Just be honest and if necessary get the owner to show you the system and how it works using normal operating controls. I have seen some over the years and they look pretty much like any other system except often larger, might be some zone controls, etc. It is not exactly the Space Shuttle so do not let that intimidate you. You will be fine.

Thanks for the link, Doug

I am familiar with the concept and understand how the systems work, however I have never seen one in real life.

Just wondered if anyone knows what to look for as far as problems go, aside from water/antifreeze leaks.

As suggested, my first thought was to use the normal operating controls to see if it functions and suggest to the client that he/she seek further info from the owner or a specialist as to regular maintanance etc.


Thanks for the photo


I dont know too much about them, but I will share what I know. There are 2 basic types, a closed loop system and an open loop system. (called a pump and dump) A closed loop recirculates the same water through an underground loop where the water is “heated” and brought back, and heat is exchanged. This is the the more efficient, preferred and far more expensive choice. The Second, pumps water from a 4-5 in well, (or a series of wells sometimes) and exchanges the heat and dumps it in its own drainfield. One of my clients told me that his system (I think it was a pump and dump) costs him an extra 30 bucks a month to keep his heat on low all winter while he is in Florida. The initail install is staggering, however.

Annual service is recommended.

Here is more info:

Thanks for the input guys


Where are the normal operating controls? :mrgreen::wink:

More here…

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In this part of the country most of the ones I see are as complicated as the one in my photo and even more so.

I recommend annual service by a a tech familiar with these systems.

The cost of installation is huge.

Understood, Mike.

I only verify operation as I would for a air heat pump system and recommend servicing annually by someone who is qualified to service these systems.