Geothermal HVAC inspection

Geothermal HVAC Inpection
Any info/details in inspecting a HVAC new (200:cool: Geothermal unit (Closed loop).

Have anyone conducted an inspection in Florida? Feeback is ppreciated.



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If you find something odd, post it here and we will try to help.

It has been 15+yrs since being active in “the HVAC business”, but we always provided in line electric auxillary duct heaters for emergency use, should the compressor shut down for any reason, or water circulation became a problem.
I’d look for aux.strip htr’s somewhere within the system. If none found, I’d recommend the system be inspected by a Prof. HVAC Contr., and recommend to my client to request a quote to add this “apparent” option.
Just seems logical to me to be prepared for the likely reality.