Gerry Beaumont Award

Wonderful Idea
Although I did not have the privledge of knowing Gerry, I have read many threads praising his efforts. He died just days after I joined InterNACHI, and the comments and condolences on the message board were heart felt. I will submit my 141 hours that I have taken since joining in May.

Having been a close friend of Gerry’s I can say that you are the kind of student that Gerry toiled long hours to help & educate.

I agree with Joe, Dennis. That is quite an outstanding accomplishment in a very short time.
Feel free to submit Nomination for this Memorable Award Certificate.

Fill in the form for Nominations located here and send it to me and I will log it in. :slight_smile:

Send it to my email;

Congratulations to our first four recipients of this prestigious and honorable award:

Greg Bell
Dennis Quigley
Wayne Cole
Patrick Carter

Fantastic job gentlemen! I’m sure Gerry would be proud!

An example of the actual certificate for Greg:

Congratulations to Greg and Dennis Quigley,Wayne Cole, and Patrick Carter.

AJob well done.
Gerry would be very proud.

Nice work Bill.

Hopefully, in the near Future INACHI will be able to Automate these Award Certificate of accomplishment.

This just shows how INACHI Members can excell in education and training for the Home Inspection Industry. :):smiley:

Really nice!

Can we email one to Gerry’s family in England? I’m sure they’d like seeing that. :smiley:

Outstanding Gentlemen. :smiley:

And the list Continues;

Gerry Beaumont Certificate.jpg

And that includes myself.
Gerry would be proud of all so far.

The current list of Recipients of the Certificate Award to Date;

Wayne Cole

Greg Bell

Dennis P. Quigley

Patrick Carter

Marcel R. Cyr

I would like to thank all the Members of the Awards Committee and also the Staff of Inachi for all the help in bringing this Award to fruition.

I would encourage all Members to follow in our footsteps and take advantage of Inachi educational resources available to obtain a memorable Certificate.

Thanks to all. :):smiley:

Gerry Beaumont Certificate.jpg

Gerry Beaumont Certificate.jpg

Congratulations to all!!!
I would be honored to have my name added to this Fine Award. My hours are in the system in the CEU Log. What an Honor to be apart of this group of Members of this Great Association. Again I salute all who continue to study this Science of Inspections and all who participated in making it all possible. Thank You Gerry!!!

Alfred Leo Pelletier, CMI, HI36