Gerry Beaumont Education Thread

Please rename the Education Thread in Honor of Gerry Beaumont.

That would be a nice touch

Your best idea yet BK. Make it so.

Do I need a poll to get a few more comments?

I was also thinking that it would be a nice tribute to bring back the question of the day on a regular basis.

I seriously doubt any users would object,however it is Nicks forum.

My thoughts as well Greg.
I always looked forward to reading and participating in that thread.

I used to ask them once in a while as Gerry let me in. But i have not been in there for a while, and no one has answered my request to join…

Yeap…the good old days…!


Love the idea we all can learn . Great idea hope we can do it again .

This is a general forum for inspectors to discuss their educational experience, and to ask questions of InterNACHI’s Education Committee. This forum is dedicated to the memory of InterNACHI member and educator Gerry Beaumont. Gerry was an avid proponent of education for inspectors and will be sorely missed.

Well Done Joe Farseta and INACHI :smiley: