Gerry Beaumont Memorial

We will be having a memorial service on May 24th. There will be a viewing and a service will be given by Harvey Gordon.

The address of the funeral home is:

Sun City Center Funeral Home
1851 Rickenbacker Drive
Sun City Center, FL 33573
Phone: 813-643-9900

Gerry’s parents will be coming in for the service. It has been determined that Gerry would have wanted to stay here in the states. His parents felt that putting his ashes out to sea would be what he wanted. So that is what we have made arrangements for. We intend on going to a local pub after the service and raising a pint in his memory.

I will post the times once it has been finalized.

Thank You

Hi Greg,

If you are sure of the date I will book my flight now, the time of day Monday makes no difference, I will leave here next Sunday.

Please let me know if your positive regarding Monday the 24th; I looked at flights, they are very limited right now so I need to grab one quickly.

Thank You and Joe for all you’ve done.


If you can find someone with an older Jag to take the ashes to be spread, Gerry would consider that icing on the cake.

Hi Dale,

The 24th is confirmed.

Very well done Greg and Joe.
Please give my regards to his parents.
Thank you for all both of you have done.
I am sure his parents will be appreciative of that.

Yes, thank you all for your efforts.

Please share a toast from us in the celebration of Gerry’s life.

Thank You Greg.

I made my reservations for the flight.

Shame we have to finally meet under these circumstances, but I will see you next Monday.

Thank You,


Joe or Greg:

Do you have a time scheduled for the services? We are coordinating efforts in South Florida.

The viewing will be from noon till 2. The service will begin at 2. We will be going to a local establishment after to have a final celebration with Gerry.

Hi Greg

I got my flight changed, I’m leaving tomorrow morning rather than Sunday.

I’ll call you when I get there…I’m staying at the Holiday Inn at Indian Rocks Beach…close to my Sons home.

I still cannot believe this is happening—:(—:cry: