Gerry Beaumont

Hey guys,

I jot got some spam from Gerry’s old AOL email address. It looks like some virus got access to his account and is sending out spam to his contacts. I’ve been trying to work with AOL to stop it, but they want me to answer his security question. Does anyone out there know what his pet was named? I hate seeing this junk associated with him.

I reported that here last week Chris.
But maybe it is still being sent.

Hi Chris…I emailed Tony and Maria, Gerry’s parents…they will run an anti virus software on Gerry’s computers to rid the Virus.

Thanks for the heads up

I received it this morning and deleted it.

Tony Beaumont (Gerry’s father) emailed me saying Joe Mazzara was trying to get into Gerry’s hard drive to retreive some of his content.

I think Gerry worked with Joe if I remember correctly, so I guess he has Gerry’s computer…I don’t know him, but I believe Joe Burkeson knows Mr Mazzara.

Yes Joe M has his laptop. His laptop is password protected so I don’t know if any of us can get access to it.

Hi Greg,

Maybe a virus can simply start sending emails from someones computer who has Gerry’s email addresses on it (if they have a virus), who’s computer maybe anyones guess, I don’t know enough about how viruses work…but Tony said he is even receiving the emails…Crazy, sad…

Hey Dale,

I have no idea either. But I don’t think that it is coming from his laptop. Chris would be the one to answer that question.

Maybe from a FaceBook account.

Hotmail accounts are good candidates as well

Password guesses (knowing Gerry):

This thread would have been more appropriate in members only, not public! I give it two hours before it hits Google.

Just sayin’.

Wrong big buddy.
The email could be sent to other Inspectors that do not belong to NACHI but lurk here and should have the same info on this.

So no one knows the name of Gerry’s pet?