Gerry was missed

To all those Florida inspectors who have taken 50 hours of Education this year, you should apply for the Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award. Many will qualify because of classes finished for licensing.

The Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award program was created to publicly recognize individual Inachi members for their superior Continued Educational performance during the calendar year.

Do this in memory of Gerry he was missed at the conference.

He was at the conference and I’m sure he was proud of how far we’ve come. He’ll be in Tennessee too.

I still miss his phone calls, even when he was being serious:D
He is greatly missed, but as Nick said he would have been proud
of what went on last week.

Definately missed.

Whats in TN and what am I missing?

How about we have the next conference in TN? That is what we are thinking…
If we come up to check out Convention locations can you show John and I around?

I can if its east TN. :smiley:
Just think you guys could rent the “luxury cabins” and then everyone could talk about how crappy they all are the next morning.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking Nashville? I’ll pass on the cabins. I am soooo not an out doorsey type gal!

Great Idea John ,
A wonderful tribute and a deserving award .

Try Knoxville , several convention centers

Thanks Wayne! Will Do!!

If there is anything you need give me a call .