Get $800/job to inspect multi-family homes for the USDA


Sounds good.
Any program like that in Canadian cities?

That’s a question for your own government!

@mdurante, did you ever investigate this any further?

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Typical USDA homes are low quality homes in poor to very poor condition. The time to inspect and document all the problems can take a long time. Go into this with your eyes wide open and check with your E&O provider about crossing state lines. Get on google and take a stroll through the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.


@jfudge I replied to the person that emailed me to enquire but never heard back from anyone, so I blew it off. Seems to me that if you want to hire someone and that person replies, some sort of response should be given, right?


It’s great to ask these questions of such an excellent opportunity! We are here to answer any questions you might have.

Of the 1075 inspections of USDA property inspections Tribal 1 managed for the pilot program, on average the inspectors reported completing their inspections in less than 3 hours. Our data shows an average of only 11 deferred maintenance findings per property! This program does not encompass any reservation housing and is instead centered in agricultural areas across the United States. Happy to help with any other questions or clarifications you or other may have.

Sorry for all the deleted posts, I am still getting used to this forum’s layout. :wink:

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Thank you, Tribal1.

So you have to be a resident of CO, OR, WA, MD, VA, KY, or SC to participate as an inspector in this program? Narrow selection.

Yeah. It’s what the USDA has asked.